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Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program

CEPC and its Diversity Committee are committed to making the CEPC an enriching, mentoring and inclusive environment where diverse members are welcomed and retained.

Accordingly, the Council is again offering the CEPC Emerging Leaders (“EL”) Program. The goals of the program are to give individuals with less than two years experience in the estate planning field substantive mentoring and an opportunity to become involved in the work and future leadership of the CEPC. In the 2026 class, the CEPC Board and its Diversity Committee will select participants for the EL program for a 24-month term that will begin in July 2024 and conclude in July 2026.  

To be eligible for the EL program, an applicant must be employed in a position that would, after the appropriate amount of experience, allow the applicant to become eligible for Associate membership in the CEPC. Law students and graduate students studying tax, business and other fields related to estate planning are also eligible for the EL program. The applicant must also have less than two years of experience in estate planning to be eligible for the EL program.

ELs will:

1. Work with a CEPC Member who will serve as a mentor and teach the EL how to successfully participate in the Council.

2. Receive a CEPC Guide at each monthly luncheon program or online meeting, who will be a seasoned CEPC member able to introduce the EL to other CEPC members and answer general questions about the topic of the lunch or online meeting.

3. Receive complimentary admission for select CEPC educational and networking events.

There is no cost to become a CEPC EL.

Application Link: 2024-2026 Emerging Leaders Program Application

Please Note: Application Deadline is April 30, 2024.