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CEPC 2023-2024 Committees Listing

Annual Outing Committee
Meetings/Conference Calls up to 5 times each year (April, May, June, July and October)

  • Outing is scheduled in August - Ravinia Green Country Club in Riverwoods, IL
    • August 21, 2023
    • August 19, 2024
  • Outing Events include:
    • Golf – Scramble Format
    • Tennis – Round Robin Format
    • Pickleball – Round Robin Format
    • Lunch
    • Reception
    • Prize Table (everyone attending gets to select a prize)
    • Calcutta Drawing (for cash prizes)
  • Committee members assist with various tasks including:
    • Soliciting sponsorships
    • Soliciting items for the ‘Gift’ bag
    • Shopping for gifts for the prize table
    • Planning and Running golf and tennis events
    • Volunteering at the registration desk
    • Other outing tasks
  • Commit to attend the CEPC Annual Outing

James (Jim) Fritz, Chair
Cambridge Partners & Associates

Tel: (847) 776-1976
Diana Larson, Vice Chair
Reed Smith Corporation

Tel: (312) 207-1000
Afton Gauron, Past Chair


Diversity Committee
Meets Quarterly

The Diversity Committee is focused on improving all forms of diversity by:

  1. Recruiting and retaining members who increase CEPC’s diversity; and
  2. Encouraging students in universities to enter the field.

To ensure we are building a culture of belonging where everyone feels respected, we define diversity broadly. Diversity includes the visible and invisible differences in who we are such as race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability.

During the year, there are several ways committee members can get involved.

  • Emerging Leader Program. Started in 2019, this program gives individuals with less than two years’ experience membership in CEPC for two years, substantive mentoring, and an opportunity to become involved in the work and future leadership of CEPC.
    • Members volunteer to:
      • Review applications;
      • Greet Emerging Leaders and Emerging Members (including law students) at luncheons and events; and serve as a mentor.
  • Student Outreach Program. This program serves to encourage students at local law schools and business schools to enter the field. Members volunteer to:
    • Coordinate panel discussions; and
    • Participate on panels. The panels are held usually during the Spring semester and are in-person or virtual, depending upon the school’s preference.
  • Annual Networking Breakfast. This program is held to celebrate the end of tax season and is co-hosted by the Diversity, Membership, Networking and Welcome committees. Members volunteer to:
    • Invite potential members;
    • Attend the event; and
    • During the event, greet members at the registration desk, serve as an ambassador to answer questions for attendees or both.

There are often other opportunities to ensure all feel welcome.

Vida E. Cruz, Chair
Arboretum Wealth and Trust Management 

Tel: (331) 703-0721
Aisha Henry, Vice Chair
Goldstine, Skrodzki, Russian, Nemec, and Hoff, Ltd.

Tel: (630) 321-6160
Don Gottesman, Past Chair
Tony Oommen, Board Liaison


Membership Committee
Meetings / Conference Calls: 3 -5 per year

  • Goal:
    • Expanding and retaining membership
    • Working together with other committees, especially the Welcome, Networking, and Diversity Committees
    • Developing targeted strategies for soliciting new members
    • Determining and utilizing related professional organizations in the estate planning field and other sources for qualified new members in a cost-efficient manner
    • Developing methods to solicit existing members for qualified new members from their organization
    • Developing methods to solicit qualified new members from outside organizations
    • Assisting individuals seeking membership who do not have a sponsor in finding one

Rebecca Juhant, Chair and Board Liaison
Fifth Third Private Bank

Tel: (630) 468-8942


Networking Committee
Meets 2-3 times per year

  • Goal:
    • The Networking Committee was established to foster interaction among CEPC members across the various disciplines. Accordingly, the objective of the Networking Committee is to develop and plan certain events that give CEPC members the valuable opportunity to interact with each other across disciplines for professional purposes. These events take place four (4) times across the entirety of the CEPC year and include the Annual After Tax Breakfast, Giving Day Drive, and more.
    • In addition to the four (4) annual in-person events, the Networking Committee also sponsors and manages Quarterly Informal Virtual Networking sessions known as “Fourth Fridays.” A result of the pandemic, these networking sessions have quickly become a beloved and successful tradition of the CEPC.
    • Networking Committee members are a vital part of the CEPC, fostering interaction and facilitating networking at the monthly CEPC program meetings.
  • Each Networking Committee member should be willing to:
    • ​Attend Networking Committee meetings
    • Attend Networking Committee sponsored in-person events and Informal Virtual Networking “Fourth Friday” meetings
    • Participate on a Networking Event Planning Subcommittee
    • Foster networking in advance of each monthly CEPC program meeting

Carl Hibben, Chair
BMO Wealth

Tel: (312) 461-3756
Jamie V. Paldino II, Vice Chair
Bradley, Foster & Sargent, Inc.

Tel: (860) 241-4880
Alexandra Kern, Past Chair
Erica Lord, Board Liaison


Public Outreach Committee
Meets at least 3 times per year

  • Goal:
    • The Committee furthers the Council’s goal of public outreach by providing written materials and presenting educational programs to the public on practical estate and trust topics
    • The Committee updates, as needed, the following: Estate Planning Presentation and Outline Introduction to Trusts Presentation and Outline FAQ’s Page Marketing materials Virtual & In person presentations are made at various venues throughout the year (public libraries, donor groups, public charities and community organizations).
    • This year we would like to reach out to companies in Chicago and present to their employees and local organizations
    • Members of the Committee (optional) present at the various venues using the presentation outline. We have two individuals co-present and one moderator at each virtual meeting and we do not use a moderator for in person presentations.

Ethel Kaplan, Chair
Tel: (312) 961-6855
Debra Anthony, Vice Chair
Debra Anthony Law Office

Tel: (630-863-8803
Anthony Smith, Past Chair
Ray Prather, Board Liaison


Welcome Committee
Meets 2-3 times per year

  • Goal:
    • Get new members integrated into CEPC activities. This committee serves to foster active membership as well as retain and attract new members.
    • We are seeking committee members who will take an active and regular role in the following activities:
      • Phone calls to welcome new members to membership and answering any questions
      • Host the New Member table at CEPC lunches
      • Serve as point of contact for new members
      • Committee members to plan and host one event designed to build networks and integrate with current members beyond lunch meetings
      • Commit to attend one of the CEPC extracurricular events each year as well and host the new member table at two (2) monthly luncheon programs

Molly Gron, Chair
Hindman Auctions

Tel: (312) 334-4235
Candice Cole, Vice Chair
University of Chicago

Tel: (773) 702-8688
Tadd Lindsay, Past Chair and Board Liaison


Workshops and Fundamentals Committee
Meets 2-3 times per year with entire Committee

  • Goal:
    • Schedule educational programming on hot topics and new developments relevant to membership in addition to the CEPC monthly luncheons

The Committee accomplishes its goals through two Subcommittees, which meet separately as needed, including by video calls. Committee members can select which Subcommittee to join, or they can join both:

  • Workshop and Roundtables Subcommittee:
    • Plan four (4) to six (6) workshops and Roundtable sessions per fiscal year
    • Brainstorm topics and speakers for Board approval
    • Responsible for working with executive director and speakers to coordinate program logistics and deadlines
    • Attend one program to welcome guests and introduce speaker(s)
  • Fundamentals Course Subcommittee:
    • Assist in planning the 5-part educational Fundamentals Course
    • Brainstorm topics and speakers for Board approval
    • Responsible for working with executive director and speakers to coordinate program logistics and deadlines
    • Responsible for outreach to other regional councils to invite participation
    • Attend one Fundamentals Course program to welcome guests, assist with logistics, and introduce speaker(s)

Ilana Bley, Chair
Gould & Ratner LLP

Tel: (312) 899-1601
Bridget Byrne, Vice Chair

Tel: (312) 283-5565
Lorri Otis, Past Chair
Steve Kriz, Board Liaison
Christine Quigley, Board Liaison