CEPC 2018-2019 Committees

CEPC 2018-2019 Committees

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Assumes responsibilities as delegated by Committee Chair
  • Contribute to the mission of CEPC and the objective/purpose of the committee
  • Participates in preparation and implementation of goals and objectives of the committee that support the Council
  • Attends meetings as requested and actively participates in meetings
  • Prepares for committee meetings by reviewing the agenda and researching issues to be discussed at committee meetings
  • Keeps abreast of issues related to the specific committee
  • Makes contributions to committee agenda as necessary
  • Actively participates in discussions at committee meetings
  • Follows through promptly on any committee assignments as requested
  • Supports committee recommendations before the full Board
  • Commit to attend CEPC extracurricular events each year as well.

Annual Outing Committee

Meets 2-3 times (typically April, June and October) Committee members assist with various tasks including:

  • Soliciting sponsorships, soliciting items for both the give-away bag and the prize table, purchasing gifts for the prize table, running golf and tennis events, volunteering for the registration desk, and other outing tasks.
  • Commit to attend the CEPC Annual Outing
  • Committee Chair
  • Carrie Harrington, Chair, Levenfeld Pearlstein; Tel: 312.476.7553; Email:
  • Ted Koester, Board Liaison

Diversity Committee - The committee will meet Quarterly

The mission of this committee is to increase the racial/ethnic diversity of the Council through recruitment of existing professionals.

  • Promotion of estate planning practices to students and emerging professionals.
  • Volunteer to speak at local law schools and identify other professional areas and opportunities where the committee can speak.
  • Collaborate with other CEPC committees to increase diversity outreach.
  • Commit to attend one of the CEPC extracurricular events each year as well.
  • Committee Chair:
  • Karin Prangley, Co-Chair, Brown Brothers Harriman; Tel: 312.781.7128; Email:
  • Amy Schoeffel, Co-Chair, BMO Private Bank, Email:
  • Terry Navarro, Board Liaison

Workshop Committee - Meets 2-3 times, plus a few conference calls

  • Produce four – six workshops per year, open to members/non-members from 0 - 20+ years’ experience
  • Coordinate topics, speakers, dates, location, and sponsors
  • Present at Basic Courses, as needed – held in January/February Coordinate topics, speakers, dates, locations, and sponsors
  • Attend one workshop/Basic Course and welcome guests
  • Co-Chair: Erin Hollis, Marshall & Stevens, Inc., Tel: 312.223.8477; Email:
  • Co-Chair, Erica Lord, Northern Trust Company, Tel: 312.444.5749; Email:
  • Paige Goepfert, Board Liaison


Networking Committee - meets quarterly

  • The Networking Committee was established to foster interaction among CEPC members across the various disciplines.
  • Develop and plan various events (3 or 4 per year) that CEPC members will find valuable and that give CEPC members the opportunity to interact with members within and across disciplines for professional purposes.
  • Commit to attend one of the CEPC extracurricular events each year as well.
  • Committee Co-Chairs:
    • Jack Nicholson, Kovitz Investment Group,LLC, Tel: 312.334.7323; Email:
    • Allison Pfeifle, Schiff Hardin, Tel:  312.258.5581; Email:
    • Lisa Micka, Board Liaison

Public Outreach Committee – Committee meets at least three times per year.

  • The Committee furthers the Council's goal of public outreach through both written and spoken means.
  • The Committee also updates, as needed, the presentation outline, marketing materials, and CEPC website FAQs page.
  • Presentations are made at various venues throughout the year (usually public libraries).
  • Members of the Committee are the speakers who deliver the presentations using the presentation outline.
  • Committee Chair:
    • Joan Emery, Law Office of JoanEmery, Tel: 847.602.6814; Email:
    • Abbe Temkin and Fred Weberr, Board Liaisons

Technology Committee – Meets 3-4 times a year

   Social Media

Review and oversight of the existing CEPC Facebook page and LinkedIn Group;

Develop proposals for social media vehicles to present to the board for use in promoting CEPC, its members, programs and events;

2018 Initiative – First meeting to include discussion with outside consultant(s) to discuss social media vehicles and what makes most sense for CEPC;


Review and oversight of the existing CEPC Website;

Develop proposals for changes to the Website (within the hoisting constraints) to present to the board for use in promoting CEPC, its members, programs and events;

2018 Initiative - Update ‘Documents’ section of CEPC Website (making more user-friendly, increasing functionality, providing a beneficial and easily usable research database of materials, etc.)

  • Committee Co-Chairs:
  • Grant Hendricks, Horwood Marcus & Berk Chtd. Tel: (312) 242-3300; Email:
  • John Welsh, BNY Mellon Wealth Management Tel: (312) 422-5434; Email:
  • Gregg Simon and Michael Wycklendt, Board Liaisons

Welcoming New Members - Meets 1-2 times a year

Goal: Get new members integrated into CEPC activities. This committee will serve to foster active membership as well as retain and attract new members. We are seeking committee members who will take an active and regular role in the following activities:

  • Phone calls to welcome new members to membership and answering any questions.
  • Host the New Member table at CEPC lunches. Seeking committee members who can commit to host the table at least twice during the year.
  • Invite new members to follow-up lunch or coffee.
  • Serve as point of contact for new members.
  • Committee members to plan and host one event designed to build networks and integrate with current members beyond lunch meetings.
  • Commit to attend one of the CEPC extracurricular events each year as well.
  • Committee Co-Chairs:
    • Veronica Olguin, Chair Ostrow Reisin Berk & Adams Tel: (312) 670-0558; Email:
    • Kathy Garlow, Board Liaison