chael Calahan and Bryan Malis will chair the Sponsorship Initiatives Subcommittee, which reviews and recommends to the Board the costs for the different levels of sponsorship, new sponsorship opportunities, and new benefits to provide for sponsors.

ANNUAL OUTING, Chaired by James E. Polites, Jr.

            Committee meetings are held in April and July.  Committee members solicit and confirm sponsors for the outing, and are assigned to various tasks associated with organizing and managing the annual golf outing.  The Executive Director, Kathleen Callahan, works with the Chair on all logistical matters.  The time commitment varies, dependent on individual responsibilities assumed.


  • Work with individual members to formulate a plan for increasing the racial/ethnic diversity of the Council through recruitment of existing professionals
  • Promotion of estate planning practices to students and emerging professionals
  • Evaluate success over time
  • Consider means and opportunities to introduce estate planning content and expertise to students and emerging professionals
  • Report to the Board and Membership                


NETWORKING INITIATIVES, Co-Chaired by Janet Montgomery, Ken Nopar, and David Dunning, Board Liaison

Schedule networking events throughout the year:

  • 2-3  social events/happy hours in the evenings
  • Participation in these networking events are for CEPC members only. Guests who are prospective members would be allowed to attend one networking event each year. 

PUBLIC OUTREACH, Co-Chaired by Pamela Lucina and Tina Milligan

            This popular Committee is responsible for educating the public about estate planning and probate issues.  

  • Chair or Co-Chairs appointed by President
  • List of interested committee members supplied by CEPC Headquarters; Chair to appoint additional members
  • Further the Council’s goals of public outreach, via both written and spoken means.
  • Identify new initiative(s) for the year
  • Update ‘Demystifying The Estate Planning Process’ presentation as needed
  • Update marketing piece as needed
  • Update FAQ page as needed
  • Schedule presentations at various venues throughout the year; and arrange for speakers to deliver presentation


            Get new members integrated into CEPC activities. This committee will serve to foster active membership as well as retain and attract new members.

  • Phone calls to welcome them to membership
  • Answering any questions
  • Inviting to lunch or coffee
  • Invitations to upcoming CEPC lunch (host them at their first few lunches)
  • Welcome kit sent from Headquarters:
    • Calendar of events
    • Membership directory
    • Overview of committees and opportunities to volunteer, sponsor
  • Solicit and serve and point of contact for other new members
  • Introduce committee opportunities and connect new members with appropriate committee chair(s)

YOUNG MEMBERS, Chaired by       

  • Chair or Co-Chairs appointed by President; reports to Vice President
  • List of interested committee members supplied by CEPC headquarters; Chair may appoint additional members
  • Produce four (4) Workshops for members with 2-8 years experience
  • Present Basics Courses as needed
  • Confirm topics, speakers, dates, to the membership
  • Chair or one Co-Chair attend workshop and welcome guests